A New Book is in the Works!

Barbara is writing a book called A Hospitality Mindset™, addressing how we can each become the person we want to be in our lives, both in and out of the workplace. With over 350 research references and a lifetime of stories from over 50 job experiences, this book is meant to be insighful, funny, relevant and maybe even life shifting. That’s the plan, anyway. Updates and excerpts will be posted on the B. Lang Consulting Facebook page.

For now, please enjoy this free download of A Hospitality Mindset™ - A Primer on Dining Etiquette. Know the mechanics of the meal so you can focus on what's most important: The Conversation.

Book: Restaurant to Retail, A Handbook for Food & Hospitality Professionals

In Restaurant to Retail, Barbara offers insights, recommendations, and advice from over three dozen industry professionals, including the minds behind Frontera Foods and K.C. Masterpiece BBQ Sauce. Twenty exercises are included, guiding the reader through all the stages required for successfully bringing a product to market. This e-book is indispensable for restaurateurs, chefs, innkeepers, caterers or anyone else who is interested in bringing a product to market.


  • Table of

    An overview of everything this comprehensive book has to offer the hospitality and food professional

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  • Book Excerpt:
    Chapter Eight

    Learn the secret to protecting your formula

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  • Exercise 7:
    Market Analysis

    From Chapter Three - Motivators that Drive Decisions: Pride, Profit and Public Relations

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This book is currently out of print but still frequently requested. Barbara is offering to reprint it on-demand. You may purchase the hard copy of the book for $40.00 (+$8.00 shipping) or the PDF version for $15.00. Purchases may be made using PayPal.