Event Speaking

Keynote Speaker
  • Keynotes
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      Conference Openers

      Barbara sets an engaging, humorous, and informative tone as she weaves stories, current research, and contemporary news together to highlight your conference or meeting theme.

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      Celebration Dinners

      Barbara's rich personal and professional experiences provide a diverse and entertaining range of amusing stories that reflect upon human behavior, revealing how we can all discover moments of humor and happiness in our daily lives, especially during life's most challenging chapters.

  • Conferences & Professional Development
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      Customer Service for Clients & Colleagues

      With a long and diverse career in the hospitality industry, Barbara teaches that developing a hospitality mindset, no matter the business, leads to an enhanced and distinctive style of service and courtesy benefiting everyone – both in and out of the workplace.

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      Personal Branding

      Barbara's background includes a masters of professional studies in food marketing from Cornell University, a field in which product, packaging, and positioning is everything. Just as a package should tell a memorable and engaging story, personal stories should be equally persuasive and appealing to people. Barbara provides the skills and steps to help you find and tell your own story in a way that is compelling, strategic, and unique.

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      Effective Communication

      From understanding how we create and interpret first impressions to managing the slippery slope of email and face-to-face miscommunication, Barbara explains the strategies for creating skilled and thoughtful communication.

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      Food Entrepreneurship

      Barbara is a veteran speaker at national conferences for restaurateurs, research chefs, innkeepers, and aspiring food entrepreneurs attending specialty food shows. Whether it's for a large crowd or a group of three, Barbara provides unique insights and strategic advice to industry up-and-comers and veterans alike.

Interactive Workshops

Etiquette Dinner
  • Sample Topics
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      Career Development

      Barbara presents interactive workshops for high school students, undergraduate and graduate college students, and mid-life career changers to help them build step-by-step plans for creating life-changing opportunities and achieving career goals in their fields of interest.

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      Building a Professional Community

      Compassionate Networking, a term coined by Barbara, redefines how we view and connect with people by recognizing that lifelong relationships begin, and thrive, when our focus is being of benefit to others.

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      Retirees & Pre-Retirees

      Upon retiring from Cornell University in 2010, Barbara started her encore career with B. Lang Consulting and has since created the life she imagined. Barbara inspires and motivates audiences to envision, plan, and live the next chapter of their own dreams, on their own terms.

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      Business, Social, and Dining Etiquette

      Whether at a business reception or formal banquet, as a guest or as a host, in the restaurant or at home, knowing and appreciating the expected protocol can make a world of difference in creating personal confidence and professional success. And for those moments when we all stumble, Barbara offers ways to help us land back on our feet with style, resiliency, and humor.

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      American Business Culture for International Students & Professionals

      Understanding and interpreting American social cues relieves stress and builds confidence for people unfarmiliar with American business culture. From developing a knack for small talk to understanding why Americans are always smiling, Barbara helps navigate this often difficult and confusing cultural transition. For Americans traveling abroad, Barbara highlights the importance of paying attention to behavior and cultural protocol to best impress and accommodate our international hosts.

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      Team Building through Culinary Arts

      In partnership with Cornell's Team & Leadership Center, Barbara combines her food expertise with professional development principles, using the kitchen to foster teamwork and leadership skills. From high-energy Iron Chef-style cooking to the final delicious communal meal, Barbara leads attendees through a fun and insightful path towards personal awareness. Think culinary tips and life skills, all combined in one.

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      Personal Awareness in a Diverse Setting

      Barbara leads groups in developing an increased level of awareness on how we interpret others, and how others interpret us. Attendees experience how empathy creates a more productive and collaborative workplace within a diverse community.


Keynote Banquet
Interactive Workshop
Culinary Consultation

Please contact Barbara directly to request an event. Barbara works with you to customize a program that will fit your specific needs. Presentations can range from a fifteen-minute keynote speech to a two-hour, multi-course etiquette dinner. Rates vary based on the program requested.

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